Meet The Team

From the embroidery room to the front office, our superlative team of professionals keeps
ParsonsKellogg a top the leaderboard of promotional products distributors, bringing integrity, creativity and passion to every detail of the customer experience.

Every day our team members exemplify the values of commitment, camaraderie and community-mindedness,
raising our own game while also helping you raise yours. And we have fun doing it.

Team Leaders
Tom Kellogg
– Tom Kellogg


Bryan McWilliams
– Bryan McWilliams
Director of Business Development
Pete McCormick
– Pete McCormick
Chief Financial Officer
McLean Shanley
– McLean Shanley
Director of Sales
Sales Team
Anne Dionne-Ray
– Anne Dionne-Ray
Senior Account Manager
Kaley Benson
– Kaley Benson
Senior Account Manager
Tracy Sullivan
– Tracy Sullivan
Senior Account Manager
Brian DiSalvo
– Brian DiSalvo
Account Manager
Deanna Devonis
– Deanna Devonis
Senior Account Manager
Kaila Fitzgerald
– Kaila Fitzgerald
Account Manager
Meghan White
– Meghan White
Senior E-commerce Manager
Kristen Cambio
– Kristen Cambio
Account Manager, Event Sales
Inside Sales and Customer Service
Gail Albert
– Gail Albert
Director of Sales Support
Alexea Benros
– Alexea Benros
Inside Sales – Customer Service
Creative Marketing
Evan Hanson
– Evan Hanson
Creative Services Manager
Mackenzie Loffredo
– Mackenzie Loffredo
Content Production Coordinator
Lisa Marafitte
– Lisa Marafitte
Merchandise Manager
Mariana Tzitzouris
– Mariana Tzitzouris
Merchandise Manager
Liz Toro
– Liz Toro
Cam Socha
– Cam Socha
Director of Operations
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