Pre-booking and Futures Orders
for Patagonia Corporate Apparel

Pre-booking Patagonia Corporate Apparel

Unsure of what pre-booking is and how it can benefit your company? Let us explain. Pre-booking allows ParsonsKellogg to secure inventory for retail styles and colors not available in the typical corporate catalog and to guarantee you those items at a great price. Essentially, pre-booking puts you ahead of the game and ahead of the competition by exercising your early buying power and reaping the rewards.

For example, Patagonia offers a palette of colors and styles in its Spring 2018 retail line that might work beautifully with your brand, but are unavailable in its corporate catalog. We saw these exciting styles and colors first-hand when we visited Patagonia’s headquarters in Ventura, Calif., earlier this month. By pre-booking through ParsonsKellogg, you gain access to the entire line, which means you can place your brand identity on this exciting apparel and make a splash in your industry.


  • Contact us for timeline information on Pre-booking Patagonia
Further Incentive:
  • You will receive an additional 5% discount pre-booking, on top of your normal discount from retail pricing.
  • Patagonia allows you to pre-book as few as 10 units per style/color.  

2018 Spring Workbooks

Spring 2018 Workbook –  coming soon
Patagonia spring 2018 workbook North America
Women’s Surf
Patagonia women's surf
Men’s Surf
Patagonia men's surf
Women’s Outerwear
Patagonia women's sportswear